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Coast Line Credit Union Forms and Applications

Coast Line Credit Union is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your account information. Our Coast Line Online Banking service and Loan Applications use encryption technology to protect your information. For all other applications and services we have provided these forms which you can download and print at home. Once the forms are downloaded and completed, they can be faxed, mailed, or delivered to our office.

All forms and applications are for use by members and potential members of Coast Line Credit Union only. Once submitted, forms become the property of Coast Line Credit Union.

Forms and applications

Adobe PDF Scholarship Application

Adobe PDF Membership Application

Adobe PDF ATM/VISA Check Card Application

Adobe PDF Application for Direct Deposit

Adobe PDF TellerPhone Instructions

Adobe PDF Courtesy Pay Facts

Adobe PDF Our Current Newsletter

The USA Patriot Act requires our credit union to gather and maintain specific information on our members and future members. Sections of this Act require financial institutions to develop and implement procedures for identifying and verifying the identity of account holders, such as verifying a member's identity at account opening, maintaining records of the information used to verify the members identity and determining whether the member appears on any lists of terrorists provided by any government agency.


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